Meet Shannon

I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer who found both the mental and physical beauty of gaining muscle through recovery from an eating disorder.  The strength and confidence that was found through my fitness journey inspired me to become a trainer to showcase those opportunities to others.

I absolutely love focusing on functional fitness (fitness for everyday life) because carrying the groceries, taking the stairs up to the office, and running after those toddlers (or dogs!) can be tough, #amiright?!  Once we start moving that body (whatever the movement is - cue a dance break!?!) we clear that head and we become better people. 

Let me help you get mentally and physically strong for YOUR everyday life!    


You can also find me teaching at:

Zengo Cycle- Cycle Instructor

F45 Training- Coach

DMV Fitsquad- Owner

"Let's Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable!"

xoxo Shannon