Meet Maddison

I’m a third culture kid, half British and half American, born in Iceland, who has grown up overseas since the age of six only traveling back to the United Stated for college! Along with my early instilled love for travel, I love training and working hard, and inspiring others to be the best version of themselves every single day. I hold myself accountable just as much as I hold my clients accountable to bring their best selves to every workout.

We might laugh, we may cry, we will certainly get sweaty, and we will definitely leave stronger than when we went into the workout and inspired! 


I work at Under Armour HQ as a NASM CPT along with teaching cycle at Rev Cycle Studio. I have worked at [Soldicore] as a studio manager and coach, and I have also served as the fitness manager for a health and wellness start up! 


You can also find me at:

Rev Cycle Studio- Cycle Instructor

Under Armour HQ- Personal Trainer


“... your superpower may just be remembering that every new day could feel like the start to a new year. New mood. New attitude. New goal. New perspective. New mission. New venture. And new opportunity to be the most kick-ass version of yourself possible.” - Cleo Wade 

xoxo Maddison