Meet Erin

I am 33 years old. I am a native to Boston, MA and played Division I soccer for the University of Delaware. Shortly after graduation, I landed myself a career in team sports for Under Armour at their global headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland. My passion for empowering females in sport is what drives and motivates me every single day. Strong Body Babes is the epitome of what I stand for and aligns with my core values. 

In my Tae Bo class, mentored and certified by the famed Billy Blanks himself, you will feel energized, empowered and fearless through the body weight movements. I am extremely honored and grateful to have the opportunity to train and establish a personal relationship with each of you while pushing each other to the next level. 


You can also find me teaching at: 

Rev Cycle Studio-Tae Bo Instructor 

"If opportunity does not knock, BUILD YOUR OWN DOOR!" 

xoxo Erin