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As a Strong member you get some great perks!

Below are several companies that we have partnered with to provide our SBB members with some discounts and perks that will further your health and fitness journey! Enjoy!


Dr. Balkin and his team at Optimal Performance Rehabilitation believe that proper movement is the key to a healthy and happy life. He uses his training to identify and correct faulty biomechanics that contribute to pain. Dr. Balkin and his team create a personalized rehabilitation program for each patient and provide them with the tools to continue their progress long after their care concludes.

Dr. Balkin in board certified and licensed by the Maryland Board of Chiropractic Examiners. Dr. Balkin is also certified in selective functional movement assessment (SFMA), active release technique (ART), instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) and kinesiology taping.

Optimal Performance Rehabilitation

SBB MEMBER PERK: As a Strong Body member your first session with Dr. Balkin will come with a bag FULL of goodies and apparel. Don't forget to mention you are a SBB member to receiver all of the fun take home items!


Health Pack Meals is a meal prep company that makes clean eating easier for you. Health Pack Meals stands by producing clean meals to help people develop a sustainable, healthier lifestyle. Founder, Lev Malik, has an extreme passion for cooking and preparing exciting and delicious food. With his existing expertise, he creates fun and interesting meals so that clean eating won't be a boring experience for you. Health pack Meals has done extensive research and has hand picked the best ingredients to use to ensure the highest quality of food for their clients. All of the meals are intended to nourish the body with whole foods and are customizable so that they that will aid in whatever health or fitness goals someone may have.

Health Pack, Co.

SBB MEMBER PERK: 5% off all orders & 20% off all delivery fees