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Strong Body

It's not about where you are in your journey today, it's about where you are going and who is by your side supporting you every step of the way!

Making a STRONG, positive, and meaningful difference as we empower and challenge our members, both mentally and physically, through their unparalleled fitness journey. With commitment, perseverance, and determination our STRONG community is built. 

Signature Classes


The practice of yoga will help increase body awareness, relieves stress, relaxes the mind, centers your attention, and sharpens concentration. You will consciously connect your body and breathe in cued alignment yoga poses.


An exercise type that is designed to increase lean muscle tissue, improve structural strength, decrease excess body fat, increase endurance, and provide several additional physical and psychological benefits.


HIIT aka high intensity interval training is a training technique where you give all-out efforts, one hundred percent through quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short, sometimes active, recovery periods.


You will be guided on your stationary bike through an intense 45 minute cardio workout that focus on strength, endurance, intervals, high intensity bursts, and active recovery.


This is a total body workout that incorporates martial arts techniques such as kicks and punches. You will feel energized, empowered and fearless through the body weight movements


Off to the races! Interval run will mimic your outdoor hill and interval work in a controlled setting and it will ultimately help you become a stronger runner and help build your endurance.

What other SBB members are saying...

“Each and everyone of these women has a different skill set in the fitness arena that makes them so different. Every workout I have taken with SBB leaves me feeling energetic, pumped and my butt has been completely handed to me.”


“TaeBo with Erin is always awesome, and the virtual setting is no different. Such a fun way to move your body, and punch out some stress to an always fire playlist. Her energy is contagious. Always end class dripping, tired, and happy I did it! Join the Tae Bo family!”

Raha M.

“I took HIIT with Shannon, Yoga with Robin and Sahar, and Tae Bo with Erin. It was obvious that each instructor was very skilled in what they were teaching. Not only did I get a great workout but I had a lot of fun doing it!“

Jen K.

“Sahar is a powerhouse of energy, creates an environment that is inviting and full of laughter and fun all while you push your body to the limit. She is so dedicated to the SBB community she offers a plethora of classes for all members with all fitness levels to enjoy. If you’re looking for a workout that’s WORTH your time, and a coach that invests in you... you can stop looking because you’ve found it.”


"Ellisa makes class fun with her energy and upbeat song choices! She connects with you and pushes you such a motivating way! You have to take her class! You will def get a great and fun workout! Now, go party on the bike with her! You won’t regret it!"

Venous M.

"Bre got me to stick with a strength training routine that suits my body and needs! After a back injury I was worried about lifting again and Bre focused primarily on building my back and core muscles to help gain my strength back. I can already see a shift in my body strength. Bre’s encouraging and positive attitude is inspiring. Just what I needed in a personal trainer. Thank you!”


"Workout with Vida was EVERYTHING. I am just a beginner when it comes to working out and Vida made it possible. I had to do some modifications but overall the motivation was very much present and needed. She kept me going and I feel like I started my Saturday on the right foot."

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